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I haven't switched out the soil yet, and I haven't looked for spider mites.

Apr 21, Meyer lemons will bear fruit mostly during fall and winter. Beyond their fruit production, dark green leaves and fragrant flowers make Meyer lemons an ideal ornamental plant.

This plant can even be successfully grown in containers or inside as a houseplant, although it is unlikely to fruit. Well, you have. probably made some of the classic Meyer lemon errors. First, when you.

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dramatically change the light conditions a Meyer will drop most, if not all its. leaves, to replace them later with leaves better suited to the new light. conditions. To move a Meyer from outside to. May 13, Citrus trees tend to be extra sensitive to that shift and what seems like a minor change in light intensity or the amount of humidity or water it receives can cause leaves and developing fruit to drop almost overnight.

Sunlight: Lemon trees need eight hours of direct sun per day. You can get away with six, especially during the winter off-season, but bright light is required for good fruit Gayla Trail.

Nov 06, Synopsis: Potted, indoor, Improved Meyer Lemon with mostly healthy-looking, perky leaves. Regularly dropping green leaves, some twigs are turning brown. Dropped its only several-months-old lemon.

Armstrong Early satsuma in July 3.

Two new, unopened blossoms. 46â€â€ tall w/pot. Dropping leaves a day. Most fall off leaving the petiole attached to the branch, but about a quarter of the leaves fall off with the petiole.

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