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} Mar 13, Mountain laurel plants are very forgiving about hard pruning. However, a general rule of thumb when pruning trees and shrubs, is to never remove more than 1/3 of the plant in one pruning. First, prune out large branches that need rejuvenation. Next, remove dead, damaged or crossing shrubdisposal.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. Mountain Laurel Trimming Tips: How To Prune Mountain Laurel Bushes Mountain laurel, or Kalmia latifolia, is an evergreen shrub in U.S.

hardiness zones It is beloved for its unique, open branching habit; large, azalea-like foliage; and its beautiful, wax-like star-shaped flowers which are Missing: Davenport FL. You can also prune when the growth begins to control the shape of your shrub. Also know, should I deadhead mountain laurel? Mountain laurel is a slow-growing shrub that requires little pruning.

Dead or broken branches can be removed anytime.

Make sure the shrub's crown the point where its trunk meets its roots is not buried.

Shaping pruning should be done in the spring, just after blooming is shrubdisposal.pwg: Davenport FL. You can prune most of your spring blooming shrubs -- evergreen or deciduous -- at the same time you prune mountain laurel. A few examples include azalea, rhododendron, forsythia and spring-blooming Missing: Davenport FL. Jan 13, Pruning Mountain Laurel Prune your mountain laurel in the winter or during dry periods in summer.

Mountain laurel has few problems with pests and diseases, but it can develop leaf spot during humid months if grown in heavy shade. It's best to prune mountain laurel in summer after the blooms have shrubdisposal.pwg: Davenport FL. Jul 19, Prune back the tips of long branches to control the height and shape of the mountain laurel bush. Wait until the end of the blooming period, usually in June, to trim the branches.

Make an angled cut just above a leaf set or node on the branch. Remove no more than one-third of the total branch length each shrubdisposal.pwg: Davenport FL. You can prune it anyway you want to and it will just bush out from the cut limbs.

The reason I know this is because I have a large mountain laurel planted between the street and the sidewalk. I prune the sides of it with electric hedge shears a couple of times a year to keep the sidewalk shrubdisposal.pwg: Davenport FL.

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