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Needles on the older growth of individual branches quickly turn yellow or brown before falling off, usually leaving behind only the newest growth.

Jun 24, If needles are browning at the tips of the branches followed by lower branches dying, you may be dealing with a fungal disease known as cytospora canker, which is the most common unnatural cause for needle drop on Colorado blue shrubdisposal.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins.

May 18, Rhizosphaera needle cast damage in spruce. Spruce and coniferous trees are susceptible to environmental, insect and disease problems that can cause the trees to discolor, lose needles and possibly die. Spruce in both urban and rural landscapes can be affected. Spruce trees can show brown needles starting from the lower limbs and progressing up the tree. New or older needles discolored 5 Spruce spider mite. Mainly older needles discolored 6 Fungal needle casts. Scattered dead branches or twigs 7 Cytospora canker.

Needles on branches above snow line turn brown. 8 Late spring frost or winter injury Leader wilted or dead 9 White pine weevil. Shoots and twigs swollen, needles green or dead. 10 S. pruce galls Tree canopy uniformly turning orange 11 B. We have long been familiar with Rhizosphaera needle cast, a very common fungal disease that affects primarily Colorado blue spruce, and occasionally Black Hills spruce.

This disease causes needles to turn purplish-brown and fall off, working from the inside of the tree out and from the bottom of the tree. Sudden needle drop (SNEED) is a newly discovered needle drop disease of spruce found in both Missouri and Illinois.

It is probably caused by the fungal pathogen Setomelanomma holmii. Symptoms are yellowing and eventual browning of older needles (top image). By autumn all needles on affected branches have dropped off except the needles on the tips of the branches. Affected branches may be scattered throughout the tree. Jun 28, 2. Spruce spider mites. Spruce spider mites cause needle discoloration and eventually kill needles, which can be mistaken for a needlecast disease (Photo 7).

Technically, mites are not insects, but are related to spiders. This distinction is important since not all insecticides will control mites. Photos Left, Gall caused by Cooley spruce.

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