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By creating a slight mound, you help increase water drainage away from the base.

Aug 17, So here is what you need to know as your hydrangeas move from summer into fall.

Types of Hydrangeas There are four different types of hydrangeas grown in the United States: Oakleaf hydrangeas thrive in warmer zones.

1. If you want to pick the blue or pink flowers for drying, late-August and early-September is the time to do so! Cut those flowers that have already turned lavender-gray in color, not the fresh, blue-blue shrubdisposal.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. Fall. Anyone can grow the native Hydrangea arborescens, or smooth hydrangea, even in a chilly Zone 3 garden. Incrediball hydrangea is an improvement of a garden classic with massive blooms that are held aloft on sturdy stems.

The white flowers age to an attractive green,extending garden interest into fall. Keep hydrangeas mulched through hot summers to retain moisture and in winters to protect the roots. Use a slow-release fertilizer or aapplied in early spring and again in early fall to promote growth and blooms.

Hydrangeas may wilt in hot summer. Dig a small trench near your hydrangea plant. Bend a branch down to the trench so it touches the soil in the middle of the branch (six to 12 inches of branch should extend past the trench).

Make scratches in the bark where the branch touches the trench soil. Fill in the trench and place a paver, brick or stone on shrubdisposal.pwted Reading Time: 8 mins. Sep 02, Fall-blooming hydrangea maintenance is nearly identical to the care required for spring- and summer-loving breeds.

Raking up the Hydrangea leaves after they fall is always a good idea.

They typically enjoy sun (Hydrangea paniculata will do. How To Treat Edges of Hydrangea Leaves Turning Brown. Thoroughly flush the hydrangea soil with water whether it is in a pot or in the ground. This should remove most of the salts from the soil. Then do not water the hydrangea for a day or two until the soil is.

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