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May 11, Avoid pruning oak trees during the active growing months of April through June. The chance for developing oak wilt from the open pruning wound is a high risk.

Prune all oak varieties during the dormant winter months when the internal fluids are not actively moving through the tree. Oak trees are best trimmed in the winter between November and March. Oak trees are dormant in winter and are less likely to be negatively affected by pruning when in winter dormancy.

That being said, branches which are dead, damaged, or diseased should be Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. This will really depend on when you are asking the question. The reason it is best to prune your oak tree in the winter months is because of a disease that gets spread to live tissue in the summer months. Oak Wilt is a disease fungus that is spread by insects which are most active from April to the end of shrubdisposal.pwted Reading Time: 6 mins.

The best time to trim trees is when they are young. Not only are the branches easier to reach, but the resulting wound will be much smaller and callus over more quickly.

Choose trees that suit the area. Large trees need a large rooting zone. Tree roots extend 3 - 5 times the diameter of the canopy. Oct 14, It is safest to trim oak trees during the colder fall and winter months.

Oak trees are sensitive to trimming during the warmer months of the year, and trimming your oak trees during the summer can unnecessarily put your oak trees at risk for disease. The best time to trim oak trees is in the colder fall and winter months. Jan 18, Okay, here it is: Spring!

However, pruning Oaks during this time IS safe if the wounds two inches in diameter and larger have a thin coat of wound dressing applied to them as the cuts are made. We define spring as the time when trees become active- after winter dormancy, and during flowering and re-leafing. This period can vary dramatically in north Texas. Aug 02, Because of this planting tree after stump grinding, Winter Park FL risk, Davey experts avoid pruning oaks from April through August.

Just to be safe. Some tree trimming companies still do trim oak trees during this timeframe, which unnecessarily puts your trees and wallet in danger. The Worst Case Scenario – What Happens Next. If one tree gets oak wilt, all oak trees in your yard are at risk. Aug 20, Pruners should know as a rule, growth and wound closure are heightened if pruning happens in late winter before a spring growth spurt, confirms the ISA’s tree-pruning guide.

The wounds from pruning can spread diseases. Oak trees, for example, can suffer from oak wilt. Each cut can change the way a tree grows.

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